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Comforts of Home:

“Staying Inn for Breakfast”


Stratford, renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, has a new delight to offer – a charming blend of homely comfort and goodness with our Staying Inn for Breakfast package. For those who appreciate the luxury of a leisurely morning in, our initiative caters to the desire to simply “stay inn.”


The Allure of Staying In:


Hotel Julie beckons guests to embrace the joy of staying in with a culinary experience tailored for home chefs. With fully equipped kitchens in 8 out of 9 flats*, Hotel Julie invites patrons to savour the morning at their own pace.


The Staying Inn for Breakfast package unveils an ensemble of locally sourced items. 6 farm-fresh eggs from local hens, ready-to-bake croissants, fresh orange juice, and fruit for two at a mere $25. It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience curated to elevate your morning.


Awaken your senses in every flat at Hotel Julie with the aroma of locally roasted coffee, perfectly paired with the charm of a French press.


Raise a Toast to Mornings:


Feeling a tad indulgent? Elevate your Staying Inn for Breakfast affair by adding a touch of bubbles. For $29, enhance the experience with a bottle of Prosecco, transforming your morning rendezvous into a delightful mimosa celebration.


The Kitchen as Your Culinary Canvas:


Hotel Julie offers fully equipped kitchens which means more than just a convenient amenity – it’s an invitation to unleash your inner chef. High-end appliances await your culinary prowess, turning your breakfast preparation into a personalized masterpiece.


Crafting Memories, One Morning at a Time:


Beyond the allure of a leisurely start, Staying Inn for Breakfast at Hotel Julie is an invitation to craft memories. It’s a celebration of unhurried mornings, shared laughter, and the joy of savoring each delightful bite in the comfort of your own space.


As the sun rises over Stratford, let Hotel Julie be your haven for embracing the art of staying in. Experience the fusion of culinary excellence and homely comfort with our Staying Inn for Breakfast – a symphony of flavours that promises to make your mornings extraordinary.


How to Order:

Add our Staying Inn for Breakfast package to your cart when booking your stay!

*Staying Inn for Breakfast is available for all flats with the exception of Flat 2.